Galet Moonphase

3000 M SC L R D3

The poetic complication, the moon phase, naturally found its place at 6 o'clock to harmoniously complete the Galet collection. This legendary and fascinating watchmaking complication with a self-winding mechanical movement shows the different cycles of the moon in the sky on a guilloché dial. The shape of the design is absolutely unique and evokes calmness and well-being while respecting simplicity. With its gentle angles, it evokes nature as a smooth flow surrounded by the movement of water.

Franck Muller Watch Galet Moonphase 3000 M SC L R D3

3000-M-SC-L-R-D1 3000-M-SC-L-R-D1
3000-M-SC-L-V 3000-M-SC-L-V
3000-M-SC-L-V-D3-CD-1R 3000-M-SC-L-V-D3-CD-1R